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With larimar, turquoise, magnesite, amazonite, apatite & chrysocolla

Larimar is able to lead us out of deepest emotional and spiritual crises. It connects us with feelings of security, security and well-being. In addition, there is turquoise which brings communication skills to emotional topics and ensures deep peace of mind. It strengthens one's own psychic powers. Magnesite has a detoxifying effect like turquoise (also on poisoned thoughts). It is an often underestimated but important protective stone in times when greed, resentment, competitive thinking etc. prevail. Magnesite brings you a lot of relaxation and balance. Rest in yourself! In the middle there are amazonite tumbled stones. Amazonite is helpful to solve internal conflicts. It has a mentally and physically calming, harmonizing, balancing effect and reduces inner restlessness and insecurity. Its harmonizing, life-affirming energy should also be mentioned in particular! It can dissolve sadness and anxiety and promotes basic trust. In the base is the apatite combined with chrysocolla. Apatit has already helped many people out of psychological crises. It promotes tolerance towards ourselves and other people by giving us the understanding and clarity we need to look at things honestly. The way they really are. Due to its high vibration, it provides the necessary energy and determination to overcome displeasure, negative attitudes, listlessness and depression. Apatite draws our attention to the finer things in life and what works (or can work), not what doesn't. Chrysocolla is able to alleviate excessive emotions such as sudden anger, feelings of hatred, but also jealousy, resentment, sensitivities and constant dissatisfaction or to make them disappear completely. Such seemingly inappropriate reactions are often caused by feelings that have been suppressed for too long and have been assessed negatively and then break out unexpectedly and in an uncontrolled manner. Chrysocolla protects against these reactions and thus against anger and hatred and transforms these negative emotions into calm, tolerance and love.


Rock crystal in Möbiusspirale, turquoise, larimar, magnesite, amazonite, flower of life, chrysocolla, black tourmaline, selenite, shungite, metal shavings, pigment

Size: approx. 15x15cm / handmade by Fabienne

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