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Book on Orgonite Invisible Soldiers, Silent War - Orgone Energy and the Planetary Emergency

Book on Orgonite Invisible Soldiers, Silent War - Orgone Energy and the Planetary Emergency

Full color paperback, 340 pages, textbook style

by Sharon Daphna, 2020 ONLY AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH I will help Sharon cover the cost of this book and share her experience in Europe ...

She has written a book on the subject of orgonite and the "silent war", the energetic war. Your book can be ordered here. For customers from Switzerland and also in the EU, I can offer it cheaper than if it had to be ordered from Sharon in the USA. For everyone else, it's worth ordering directly from Sharon.

In Sharon's blog you can read about the amazing results and effects on the weather that she has achieved with her team and the extensive "giving away" of orgonite to nature.

Here is the website with Sharon’s blog:

Check out her Vimeo page:


Finally, over five years of orgonite gifting work and results are compiled into one concise volume! Sharon's first book, Invisible Soldiers, Silent War, gives one example after another of orgonite clearing the atmosphere and balancing the climate all over the USA. Using archived data from blog entries from 2014 to 2019, news articles showing weather changes after gifting expeditions, and photographs to support the written accounts, this book proves that orgonite brings rain, lifts pollution, and restores a natural, healthy climate on Earth.

This book will change the way you view our world forever. Fear of global warming and environmental collapse will disappear like the chemtrails in the sky. Sharon breaks down the layers of deception surrounding weather modification, including controlled opposition and the state of mind control that has kept humanity from taking the planet back from parasitic rule. A historical context for weather modification and modern advances in the science of orgone energy are given, as well as the solution to air pollution, drought, and most of our human problems. This is a solution that anyone can achieve, and this book explains how by using orgonite and recognizing and rejecting deadly energy like EMF, we can amplify the orgone energy of our homes, neighborhoods, and the whole world to create the new Golden Age.


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