Where the stones come from

Our selection of stones and where they come from

With us you will find many stones that are important for today. We must finally recognize that everything is energy and remind ourselves again that there is more than we perceive with our 5 senses. Only then will we understand the incredible effects radiation has on our environment. Positives as well as negatives. Crystals can help balance unnatural and harmful vibration patterns (e.g. cell phone masts, etc.). You can help us to keep our natural vibration as high as possible and to reduce the effects of disharmonious waves on body, mind and soul.

The stones we sell have all been handpicked by us. They are washed, photographed with love and informed before they go out into the world again. They come from different sources:

  • Private collection of a stone in love light keeper:)
  • Traditional trade (new goods from tested and selected sources)

We use stones that are slightly damaged as well as stones of top quality. It is well known that not only the outer but also the inner values count!