Turquoise - Peace of Mind

Turquoise is another gift from the earth, which brings the blue of Heavenly Father to earth and merges the energies of heaven with the consciousness of mother earth. It strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. It elevates the chakras and facilitates the harmonization of the physical plane and the higher planes of existence. He can bring any and all energy to a higher level. However, it primarily stimulates the throat, heart and navel chakra, brings communication skills in emotional topics, in creativity and intuition, while love is carried into all areas. It is ideal for spiritual alignment, for healing and cleansing of the energy centers and the physical body, and also provides protection. Turquoise should change color in the event of impending danger and / or infidelity in thought or deed. It can also protect against environmental pollution. It has great grounding value and can prevent one from losing connection with consciousness during deep meditation. This facilitates an "empty" meditative state, but provides the subconscious with "knowledge" of the protective mechanism that has been set up. It provides strength and protection in the search for vision and in the out of body experience. He exhibits high spirituality and can bring both valor and protection to the spiritual plane and from the etheric plane. It is also a stone of the earth; in this way one remains grounded during the spiritual "work". Turquoise heals the mind, improves meditation, provides calming energy, and brings peace of mind. He can lead you through the unknown, give protection and at the same time promote independence in action. In ancient times it was used to secure property and protect against accidents. It was valued by the Tibetan shamans as a bearer of spiritual and protective properties and also revered by the Native Americans as a protective stone and bestowal of good gifts. They also used it to make rain. He can balance the female / male aspects of a character, promote the quality of mental and spiritual clarity and create an energy balance. It strengthens one's psychic powers and can help one to develop one's natural powers. It is intended to aid in communication in written and spoken form so that what should be conveyed to others is direct and correct. It enhances wisdom and understanding, as well as trust, kindness, and the appreciation of beauty. Turquoise is also a master healer who emits a cleansing energy that drives away negativity and thus an excellent anti-negativity stone (if the negativity is not in the self). It can be used against emotional, mental and physical problems.