Carnelian - energy

Carnelian stimulates our curiosity and the initiative that follows. It can be used against indolence, apathy and passivity. As a protective stone, it protects against envy, fear and anger and lets worries disappear from our emotions. Together with Rubin, he also protects against psychological attacks. Carnelian makes us aware of ourselves. In the home it brings stability and, according to Meldody, has the following message ready for us:Since we are love, we can only give love - and through this we will get more love back. Carnelian gives us the necessary steadfastness and the courage to overcome ourselves and face difficulties. It promotes a pragmatic and quick solution to problems and helps to bring actions that have been started to an end. Carnelian supports us energetically to stand up for a good cause. On a physical level, it is particularly effective in rheumatism and metabolic diseases, improves blood circulation and the absorption of nutrients into the blood.