Aquamarine - basic trust

Everything happens at the right time! Aquamarine helps us to flow with the flow of life and not to fight against it. It conveys deep basic trust. Confidence in the natural cycles in life and your own power of distinction. According to ancient traditions, aquamarine should help to distinguish truth from lies as well as friend from foe by changing color ... As clear as aquamarine can be in its highest quality, we can also develop clarity, foresight and foresight through it in order to be successful in the flow of the Life with its natural ramifications. Thanks to the energy of Aquamarine, things can be locked with ease in order to turn to something new. Everything develops smoothly, without any congestion or loss of energy. The energies just continue to flow, split in different directions, provided the necessary channel is prepared. If this is the case, Aquamarine makes you determined, dynamic, persistent and successful. In the sense that constant dripping wears away the stone! Aquamarine also promotes clairvoyance and mediumship. On a physical level, aquamarine sharpens and improves eyesight, strengthens the immune system and regulates growth and the hormonal balance. Aquamarine is often worn, placed on closed eyes or used as a water stone.