Collection: Black tourmaline - protection against negative energies

Black tourmaline

A protective stone against negative influences and their effects

Black tourmaline is an increasingly important and very powerful energetic protective stone! Holding it in your hands helps when exposed to strong EMFs or other negative energy fields (including those from people or dark entities). It makes sense to carry smaller pieces as a pendant or in your pocket as a pocket stone. I use black tourmaline in conjunction with shungite in every orgonite I make for good reason.

I recommend the cheaper black tourmalines from Brazil to use as a protective stone in apartments or gardens. Medium-sized and smaller tourmalines are also ideal for the windowsill or over doorways. Black tourmaline is particularly well positioned there to keep negative external energies away. For your pocket, you should focus on quality and buy solid, high-quality tourmalines such as those from Pakistan, as tourmalines can be very crumbly.