Chiastolite (cross stone)

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Chiastolite is one of the most effective protective stones ever! It strengthens psychological resilience by protecting against negative energies and preventing us from running out of energy. It works like a protective shield around us so that we can feel safe and secure. Chiastolite brings stability and security to our life even when everything around us is restless and chaotic.

It's a great stone to carry with you when working in a tense environment or when you are always dealing with difficult situations. Here he ensures that you don't feel “drained” but always light and full of energy. Chiastolite gives strength and endurance and allows us to remain calm and serene even in the midst of the greatest turbulence.

Its calming effects bring energies of peace, calm and harmony into your home and in relationships. He can defuse tensions between siblings or in the partnership by surrounding them with energies of peace and love. In particular, Chiastolith helps to control emotions that make us vulnerable to negative energies, hit us in the heart and hurt others.

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